PRESS RELEASE Stockholm September 14, 2005 In accordance with a decision at the Annual General Meeting, effective Monday October 17, 2005, the Elekta share will be traded following a 3:1 split.

Taking into account the trend in market prices for the Elekta share, the Annual General Meeting held September 21, 2005 resolved to implement a share split in which each old A and each old B share held is replaced by three new shares of the same type.

The record date for the split was set at October 19, 2005, which means that the last day for trading in the share prior to the split is today, October 14, 2005.

In connection with the share split, the Stockholm Stock Exchange has decided to adjust the trading lot for the Elekta B share to 200.

After the split, Elekta will have 94,134,054 shares outstanding, including both A and B shares.