Elekta's Board of Directors has decided not to put forward a suggestion on a new warrants program at the Annual General Meeting on 30 September 2002.

The reorganization of Elekta, announced on 18 June 2002 must first be fully implemented.

The subscription period for the first issue of the warrants program for managers and key persons within the company, approved by the shareholders at an Extraordinary General Meeting on 17 November 1999, will expire on

1 December 2002. The program consists of a total of 500,000 warrants. Approximately 100,000 of those have so far been exercised for subscription of new Series B shares. The subscription price is SEK 50 since 1 December 2001.

Before the expiration of the subscription period on 1 December 2002, participants in this warrants program, including managers, may exercise their warrants and subscribe for new Series B shares and thereafter possibly sell their shares.

During 2000-2001 another two warrants programs have been approved by the shareholders at Shareholders' Meetings. The subscription period for those programs is 1 January 2001 - 30 September 2004. In total Elekta's three warrants programs include 2,500,000 warrants.

Warrant holders have the right to subscribe for one new Series B share for one warrant.


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