Finnish Clinic’s New Elekta Radiation Therapy System Demonstrates Benefit of 3D Soft Tissue Visualization for Patients with Cancer

Image guided treatments jump 20 percent since Helsinki University Central Hospital acquires Elekta Axesse stereotactic system

HELSINKI, Finland Finland — Monday, September 19, 2011

Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) doubled its Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) capability with the acquisition of Elekta Axesse™, a system that provides 3D image guidance technology for conventional and stereotactic radiation therapy techniques. After eight months of use, HUCH has increased its Axesse caseload to as many as 30 patients each day for a variety of tumors in the lung, brain, head and neck and pelvis*.

“We wanted to have a modern treatment system capable of 3D image guidance and delivery of complex radiation therapy techniques, such as VMAT,” says Mikko Tenhunen, Ph.D., chief physicist at HUCH. “In addition, we treat many small tumors here, so sophisticated field shaping and patient positioning and immobilization were critical. We compared several machines through the open call for tenders and Elekta Axesse obtained the best overall scores.”

Up to the point of the Axesse acquisition, HUCH clinicians relied on a single Varian IGRT system that provides 2D images, which is not ideal for soft tissue imaging. The Axesse system replaced a dated Varian Clinac® 600C machine.

“Especially for lung and pelvic tumors, 3D cone beam CT beats a pair of orthogonal 2D images in terms of image quality and ability to generate images using a low dose,” he adds. “Axesse has increased the number of image guided treatments by around 20 percent.”

In addition to 3D image guided localization at the time of treatment, Axesse provides ultra-conformal beam shaping with Beam Modulator™, the HexaPOD™ patient positioning system featuring six degrees (x,y,z, roll, pitch, yaw) of remote positional correction, non-invasive patient immobilization and advanced treatment planning with Monaco.

“Axesse has taken its place here at HUCH by clearly showing the value of 3D imaging over 2D imaging,” Dr. Tenhunen says.

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* Approval of indications may vary between different countries. Additional regulatory clearances may be required in some markets.



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