Elekta helps raise $33,000 to bring radiation treatment to developing countries

Fundraising activities at ESTRO to support nonprofit organization, Radiating Hope

Barcelona Spain — Monday, April 27, 2015

Together with its customers, Elekta raised EUR 30,575 (USD 33,250) during the 3rd ESTRO Forum in Barcelona. The funds will be donated to Radiating Hope, a nonprofit organization with the mission to improve cancer care, specifically radiation oncology care, around the world.

Radiating Hope believes that no patient should be denied potentially life-saving treatment simply because the technology is not affordable. Consequently, it cooperates with hospitals and clinics around the world to take care of their replaced equipment, refurbish the machine and then ship it to a developing country.

President and co-founder of the organization, Dr. Brandon Fisher, says: “While I was a radiation oncology resident, I did a medical mission in Africa and discovered that such missions in radiation therapy were almost nonexistent. I wanted to change that.”

An avid mountaineer, Fisher explains that Radiating Hope raises awareness and funds by organizing mountain climbs around the world, with an annual trek up Mount Kilimanjaro. “Almost anyone in decent physical shape can make this climb,” he says. “We’d love to have any of Elekta’s customers and employees join us next year.”

Elekta and Radiating Hope used the ESTRO Forum to strengthen their partnership agreement, which will see Elekta making an increased commitment to giving people in developing countries access to radiation therapy. The partners also discussed how to advance the role of education and training in countries where the equipment might exist, but not the clinical experience.

Ian Alexander, Executive Vice President of Elekta's Region Europe, Africa, Latin America and Middle East says the two organizations are well matched. “Supporting Radiating Hope is a natural choice for us as we both work from what is best for the patient, are devoted to emerging markets and we share experience in overcoming challenges.

“Our collaboration goes back to 2010 when Elekta helped install a brachytherapy afterloader at the Institut Curie in Dakar, Senegal. Since then, thousands of Senegalese women with cervical cancer have received treatment they might never have had without Radiating Hope. I look forward to developing this relationship further and repeating our success in Senegal and perhaps climbing Kilimanjaro with Radiating Hope.”

Read more about Radiating Hope at: www.radiatinghope.org



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