Orasi Medical and Elekta Release White Paper on Functional Brain Mapping Using Elekta Neuromag Technology

Elekta Neuromag and Orasi Medical® today released a white paper titled, Functional Brain Mapping using Magnetoencephalography detailing the opportunity for utilizing Elekta’s magnetoencephalography (MEG) technology to accelerate the development of drugs to treat neurological disorders.

Minneapolis, MN United States — Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The release of the paper comes at a critical time. With the average duration to bring a Central Nervous System (CNS) drug to market exceeding 12 years—and only seven percent of neurological drugs making it to market—pharmaceutical companies are looking for technologies to assess the effect of drugs earlier and more accurately in the development process. “There is a critical need for better tools to ascertain brain function in drug development, as well as novel biomarkers that identify neurological drug and disease signatures,” said Michael Gold, Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline.

This novel application of MEG can accelerate drug development, reduce costs and improve CNS drug innovation by measuring neurological drug effects and real-time brain function throughout key phases of the drug development process. “High resolution measurement of brain function will provide critical new insights into disease states and drug action,” said Jim Petite, neurophysiologist and author of the white paper. Specifically, the white paper describes MEG technology, its current clinical and research use, illustrates the comparison of MEG to electroencephalography (EEG) and importantly demonstrates how MEG can improve and accelerate the development of CNS drugs.

“We have heard firsthand from pharmaceutical thought leaders that there is no one modality that solves the current needs in CNS clinical drug development,” said Stephen Otto, Chairman of Elekta’s Neuromag Business. "The technical advantages and patient-friendly qualities of MEG make it a natural fit for the measurement of CNS drugs.”

To download the white paper, visit www.orasimedical.com/2010megwhitepaper.



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