California clinic employs Elekta’s Clarity system for non-invasive imaging during radiotherapy treatment of prostate cancer

Skyline Radiation Oncology, first in state to use Clarity, now also offers precise stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate cancer due to increased disease targeting confidence

Tustin, CA United States — Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Skyline Radiation Oncology’s acquisition of Elekta’s Clarity® soft tissue visualization system is enabling physicians to continuously track the motion of the prostate during the delivery of radiation therapy. With continuous intrafractional image guidance, Skyline is able to significantly reduce radiation treatment margins around the prostate and support the launch of a high-dose, highly targeted stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) program for prostate cancer.

“The prostate can vary in position – not only day-to-day but also moment-to-moment – in part due to variable filling and emptying of the nearby bladder and rectum,” says Paul J. Kim, MD, Skyline’s Director of Radiation Oncology. “With Clarity, our certainty about the prostate’s position is higher, as it gives us a way to track prostate motion using an advanced, non-invasive 4D ultrasound technology while the beam is being delivered.”
Complete prostate cancer therapy in one week
In December 2013, Skyline began using Clarity in combination with its Varian TrueBeam™ radiation therapy system for its prostate cancer patients. Patients can now benefit from a five-day treatment course instead of a typical course that spans nine-weeks. The enhanced visualization provided by Clarity has increased Dr. Kim’s confidence in hitting the target and avoiding normal tissues, while reducing the radiation treatment margins around the prostate.
“With the reduction of radiation treatment margins, we have been able to generate both SBRT and conventionally-fractionated treatment plans that minimize the volume of normal tissues such as the bladder and rectum that receive high doses of radiation,” Dr. Kim explains. “This allows the opportunity for less treatment-related toxicity,” he notes. “You can only have tight margins if you’re confident you can maintain that margin throughout beam delivery. Clarity helps us do it every time.
“Because the Clarity system can visualize and track the entire prostate, invasive procedures for placement of fiducial markers to aid prostate localization are no longer necessary,” he adds.”



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