Elekta’s MOSAIQ Oncology Information System now offers ePrescribing of controlled substances

MOSAIQ is market’s first OIS to consolidate all ePrescribing in a single workflow

Sunnyvale, CA United States — Friday, March 20, 2015

Users of Elekta’s MOSAIQ® OIS version 2.61 can now ePrescribe controlled substances using the same workflow they employ for all other MOSAIQ ePrescriptions. With the new MOSAIQ functionality – Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) – users can eliminate the time-consuming practice of signing and faxing paper forms to the pharmacy when controlled substances are prescribed.

“The hallmark of MOSAIQ product development has been the continuous drive to increase functionality,” says Todd Powell, Executive Vice President, Elekta Software. “The ability to ePrescribe controlled substances in MOSAIQ is not only more convenient for physicians, but increases patient safety through interaction checking and improved legibility of controlled drug prescriptions.  We expect that soon all U.S. states will require ePrescribing of controlled substances, so we made sure our customers could stay ahead of these mandates.”
In addition to EPCS capabilities, Elekta will help MOSAIQ users meet U.S. federal identity proofing requirements as they apply to providers. All scripts for controlled substances are validated in accordance with DEA Regulations, including dual-factor authentication requirements, before they are electronically delivered to the pharmacy.
“As required, Elekta has completed a certification process with a third-party auditor to enable EPCS to be integrated in the MOSAIQ workflow,” Powell adds. “Our MOSAIQ customers have been asking for this functionality for some time to help streamline their ePrescribing workflow. We listened to them and now can provide it to them.”



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