Elekta Unity featured in 41 abstracts at the 6th MR in RT Symposium

Data underscores the clinical utility of the first high-field MR-linac, which recently received CE mark, to transform cancer radiation therapy into precision medicine

UTRECHT NL — Friday, June 29, 2018

Elekta (EKTA-B.ST) today announced that its groundbreaking MR-linac (Elekta Unity) is the subject of 41 abstracts at the 6th MR in RT Symposium 2018, June 30 – July 3 in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The data presented in the abstracts add to the growing body of evidence supporting Unity as a true innovation. Unity enables a scan-plan-treat approach and supports personalized regimens that meet the unique needs of each patient. On June 18, Elekta Unity received CE mark, and is now available for sales and clinical use in Europe.

“Elekta is committed not only to transforming cancer care through innovation but to providing robust data that supports the clinical implementation of our innovations,” said Kevin Brown, Global VP of Scientific Research at Elekta. “The 41 abstracts presented at this symposium reflect the continued leadership of the Elekta MR-linac Consortium. Their exploration of the new technology will ensure that the patients they serve have access to precision radiation medicine and personalized regimens.”

“Over 300 participants are gathering this 6th MR in RT symposium to discuss the clinical value and implementation of MRI-guided radiotherapy. Amongst these are members of the Elekta MR-linac Consortium, who collaborated effectively over the past six years to prepare this transformative technology to patients,” said Bas Raaymakers, PhD, Professor of experimental clinical physics in the Department of Radiotherapy at University Medical Center (UMC) Utrecht. “The data presented at this symposium demonstrates that MRI-guided radiotherapy is clinically feasible and meaningful and is a powerful force for innovation. I hope and expect that the evidence base supporting the benefits of Elekta Unity will greatly add to this innovation power now that the system is clinically available in Europe.”

The 41 abstracts highlight the current and future technical and clinical characteristics of Elekta Unity, including its use for specific cancer indications, functional MR imaging parameters and integration into clinical workflows. Topics include:

  • Verification of different methods of online plan adaptation for prostate cancer to account for daily anatomical changes
  • Geometric and dosimetric validation of 4D-MRI guided liver SBRT
  • Evaluation of the performance of a clinical MR-linac system to measure apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values and provide robust reproducible DW-MRI
  • Demonstration of new MRI reconstruction methods to provide ultra-fast image reconstruction using deep learning to remove undersampling artifacts from 2D radial MRI in real time
  • Realization of different tools and processes for absolute and relative dosimetry on Elekta Unity

About Elekta Unity

Unity employs a premium high-field diagnostic-quality (1.5 Tesla) MRI that provides unparalleled image clarity, giving clinicians greater flexibility in their approach to radiation therapy and ensuring that each patient receives optimal care based on individual tumor characteristics. Unity integrates MR imaging, linear accelerator technologies and advanced treatment planning into a single platform, allowing clinicians to see and track difficult-to-visualize soft tissue anatomies while radiation dose is being delivered. For the first time, this new technology addresses an unmet need in cancer therapy, enabling clinicians to confidently see and track the target during treatment and respond accordingly, personalizing therapy for each patient every time they are treated.

To learn more, visit www.elekta.com/unity.

Elekta Unity has CE mark but is not available for commercial distribution or sale in the U.S.


About Elekta

Elekta is proud to be the leading innovator of equipment and software used to improve, prolong and save the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders. Our advanced, effective solutions are created in collaboration with customers, and more than 6,000 hospitals worldwide rely on Elekta technology. Our treatment solutions and oncology informatics portfolios are designed to enhance the delivery of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and brachytherapy, and to drive cost efficiency in clinical workflows. Elekta employs 3,600 people around the world. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Elekta is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm. www.elekta.com


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