Leksell SurgiPlan®
Stereotactic Planning & Image Fusion

Stereotactic Planning, the base module of Leksell SurgiPlan, offers a wide variety of features to plan the surgical approach. Users can plan and manipulate surgical paths across different image views and studies and obtain immediate visual feedback. All defined objects and paths can be displayed in different 3D renderings.

Stereotactic Planning supports MR, CT and angiographic images. Used with Image Fusion, Stereotactic Planning enhances target definition.

Image Fusion enhances the definition of the target by blending two stereotactic image studies of different modalities such as MR, CT or PET. Image Fusion provides the same resolution as the original image studies.

  • The base module

  • Wide range of features for surgical planning

  • Instant update across different views and studies

  • Support of MR, CT and angiographic images

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Leksell SurgiPlan®

Leksell SurgiPlan is an advanced image-based neurosurgical planning software, designed for use with Leksell Stereotactic System®.

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