Leksell SurgiPlan® -

Software for pre-surgical planning on frameless images

Pre-Planning™, together with the ImageMerge™ module, increases flexibility and saves significant time and resources. It allows neurosurgeons to either plan on frame-based images on day of surgery or on frameless images ahead of day of surgery, which speeds up workflow on day of surgery.

Pre-Planning also promotes more effective follow-up and additional treatment. The clinician can use frameless follow-up images, which then can be merged with the original treatment plan for evaluating the result of treatment.

If needed, previous treatment plans can also be imported and serve as input when planning the next treatment.

For the patient, the combination of being able to plan before the day of surgery and the ability to use previously taken images, can mean improved comfort.

  • Freedom of choice – two optional workflows

  • More efficient scheduling

  • Improved follow-up and additional treatment

  • Can mean improved patient comfort

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Leksell SurgiPlan®

Leksell SurgiPlan is an advanced image-based neurosurgical planning software, designed for use with Leksell Stereotactic System®.

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