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Co-registration of image studies

ImageMerge™ facilitates better interpretation by enabling the co-registration of image studies with one other. It allows automatic and manual co-registration of any frameless image studies with a frame based reference study. Once co-registered, the frameless image can be used in Leksell SurgiPlan like any other study. Supports MR, CT and PET images (with the optional ColorPET™ module).

One image study scanned with Leksell® Coordinate Frame can thus be matched with any other image study when it is convenient to use previously scanned images.The fully automatic option is both fast and highly accurate, with no need to define any anatomical landmarks. As part of the automatic co-registration a movable lens is displayed in both images in order to facilitate checking the accuracy of the result. When the co-registration is completed the image studies are displayed in axial, sagittal and coronal directions to further verify the result.

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Leksell SurgiPlan is an advanced image-based neurosurgical planning software, designed for use with Leksell Stereotactic System®.

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