Leksell® Neuro Generator

System for neurosurgical macro-stimulation and lesioning

Fully integrated with Leksell Stereotactic System, the Leksell Neuro Generator is a complete solution for macro-stimulation, impedance measurement and radiofrequency (RF) lesioning in neurosurgical settings.

Together with customized electrodes and cannulas, Leksell Neuro Generator provides excellent flexibility and versatility.

Advanced technology ensures accurate control and supervision. All operational functions are easily and rapidly accessible from the control panel. The parameters are continuously monitored and a temperature bar graph shows both the current temperature and rate-of-change.

Important features of Leksell Neuro Generator:

  • Versatile – wide range of treatment techniques and therapies
  • Pulsed mode minimizing side-effects during pain treatment
  • Active Tissue Characterization for optimal clinical outcome
  • Fully integrated with Leksell Stereotactic System®
  • Effective operation under sterile conditions

Stereotactic Neurosurgery

Stereotactic neurosurgery is a minimally invasive method to localize and treat targets in the brain. It is used for both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

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