ProKnow Plan Challenge 2019 RSS: SBRT Pancreas

Case: ProKnow Pancreas

Prescription: 33 Gy in 5 fractions

Technique: VMAT

Device: Monaco with Elekta Versa HD


VMAT delivery, using Monaco as TPS model.



The details of the cumulative DVH are given in the full report, available in the report section.




Technical Planning Comments

This RSS ProKnow plan entry presented the challenge of target coverage for the PTV3300 covered by 20Gy.

However, all constraints were met, with ideal OAR sparing for the volume of the liver covered by 12Gy, the volume of the small bowell covered by 15Gy, 20Gy and 33 Gy, the volume of the kidneys covered by 12 Gy and the volume of the spinal cord covered by 20 Gy.

The cumulative meterset for the VMAT delivery was 3741.772.

Please refer to the report for the entire description of the results

Sequencing Settings


The full report for this study is available here.