Average number of employees

Total annual number of paid working hours divided by number of standard working hours per year.

CAGR, Compound Annual Growth Rate

The mean annual growth rate over a specified period of time longer than a year.

Capital employed

Total assets less interest-free liabilities.

Capital turnover ratio

Net sales divided by average total assets.1)

Cash conversion

Cash flow after continuous investments divided by profit for the year adjusted by depreciation and amortization for the year.

Cash flow per share

Cash flow after investments in relation to the weighted average number of shares.

Contribution margin per region

Net sales less cost of products sold and expenses directly attributable to the respective region.

Days sales outstanding, DSO

The total of accounts receivables and accrued income less advances from customers and prepaid income in relation to twelve months rolling net sales divided by 365.

Earnings per share

Net profit for the year attributable to Parent Company shareholders in relation to the weighted average number of shares (excluding treasury shares).


Operating result items plus amortization.


Operating result items plus depreciation and amortization.

Equity/Assets ratio

Total equity in relation to total assets.

Interest cover ratio

Profit before tax plus financial expenses in relation to financial expenses.

Net debt

Interest-bearing liabilities less cash and cash equivalents.

Net Debt/Equity ratio

Net debt in relation to total equity.

Operational cash conversion

Cash flow from operating activities divided by EBITDA.

Operating margin

Operating result in relation to net sales.

Orders, gross

Order intake during a period.

Orders, net

Order intake during a period adjusted for cancellations, removals of orders and currency effects.

Profit margin

Profit before tax in relation to net sales.

Return on capital employed

Profit before tax plus financial expenses in relation to average capital employed.1)

Return on shareholders’ equity

Net profit for the year attributable to Parent Company shareholders in relation to average shareholders’ equity excluding non-controlling interests.1)

Shareholders’ equity per share

Shareholders’ equity excluding non-controlling interests in relation to the number of shares at year-end (excluding treasury shares).

Value added per employee

Operating profit plus salaries, other remuneration and social security costs and cost of incentive programs divided by average number of employees.

Working capital

Short-term interest-free assets less short-term interest-free liabilities, excluding current tax and derivatives.

1) Average based on the last five quarters.

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