World leading solutions for cancer care

WITH A CONSISTENT FOCUS ON THE PATIENT, and in close collaboration with leading researchers and clinics, Elekta generates groundbreaking advances in the form of efficient, reliable and gentle cancer treatments, often at a reduced cost for health care systems.

Elekta develops and supplies innovative clinical solutions for the treatment of cancer and brain diseases. Elekta is a leader in state-ofthe- art tools and sophisticated treatment planning systems for radiation therapy, including brachytherapy and radiosurgery, as well as workflow-enhancing software systems across the spectrum of cancer care. Elekta’s mission is to improve, prolong and save the lives of patients.

The commitment to innovation is constantly opening new frontiers and creating improvements in cancer care. The most recent of these groundbreaking advances is Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™, for the treatment of brain tumors and neurological diseases. The next major innovation is the MR-linac, Elekta’s largest research and development initiative to date. It is scheduled to be launched in 2017 and expected to fundamentally transform radiation therapy.

Leksell Gamma Knife®

Elekta has been a leader in treating cancer and other serious brain diseases for decades. Continuous clinical advances and technical development have strengthened the position of Leksell Gamma Knife® as the self-evident choice of stereotactic radiosurgery systems among leading institutions. The treatment options for metastatic brain tumors are surgery, whole-brain radiation and, increasingly, stereotactic radiosurgery using, for example, Leksell Gamma Knife, known as Gamma Knife surgery. Stereotactic radiosurgery has become a standard of practice for treatment of patients with multiple brain metastases, and Leksell Gamma Knife-based treatment provides this therapy in a cost-effective, safe and efficient manner.

The latest generation Gamma Knife, Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, was introduced in 2015 and includes unique technology for motion management, making it possible to conduct treatments with high precision without a stereotactic frame. Leksell Gamma Knife Icon offers visualization with stereotactic CT scans together with motion monitoring. With the new functionality, which improves the workflow and increases the efficiency of cancer clinics, potential is provided to increase the clinics’ use of the market’s most precise treatment method.

Currently, more than 20 percent of the treatments with Icon are delivered without the use of a frame. This confirms that the flexibility and targeting precision delivered with Icon, make it an excellent workflow solution not only for traditional neurosurgery but also for oncology clinics. For instance, clinics in Mannheim, Leeds and Bristol have adopted Icon into their radiation oncology departments. Leksell Gamma Knife Icon enables physicians to treat tumors and a range of neurological conditions, thus increasing the use of radiosurgery and further strengthening Elekta’s leading position in brain radiosurgery.

Linear accelerators

Elekta offers a series of innovative clinical solutions for radiation therapy through its portfolio of linear accelerators, integrated imaging systems and clinical solutions for patient positioning and patient motion management.

As a leading manufacturer, Elekta offers a wide range of linear accelerators. The most advanced linear accelerator, Versa HD™, provides unsurpassed versatility by enabling high-definition radiation delivery for a broad spectrum of complex tumors, including radiation treatment of tumors in the brain.

The revolutionary Agility™ 160-leaf multileaf collimator is fully integrated into Versa HD. Using Agility, the radiation field is shaped optimally for managing all tumor sizes across as large a field as 40 x 40 cm. Agility also offers exceptionally low radiation transmission which reduces unwanted dose to healthy tissue. The Versa HDTM Dynamic Radiosurgery – Monaco® treatment planning provides a state-of-the-art solution for radiotherapy but also for linac based radiosurgery.

Significant progress was made in Elekta’s largest R&D project to date, the development of our MR-linac: image-guided radiation therapy based on state-of-the-art linear accelerator technology integrated with 1.5T magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which is provided by Philips Healthcare. The clinical development of the MR-linac is taking place in an international research consortium that was formed by Elekta in 2012, and has since been joined by a number of leading institutions across the globe. The objective is to significantly improve radiation therapy by offering physicians high-quality images of tumors and surrounding soft tissues, while treatment is being delivered. Elekta’s MR-linac has so far been installed at four consortium research sites, and the three remaining members will receive their systems during calendar year 2016. The development of Elekta’s MR-linac is proceeding as planned and the system is scheduled to be launched in 2017.


The importance of software in cancer care is growing as the technical complexity of treatment equipment increases and more and more cancers become treatable. Meanwhile, health care systems are subject to harsh budgetary constraints. Elekta offers software solutions that enhance the quality of care for patients and increase cost efficiency for care providers. Elekta’s development of software solutions is based on the conviction that better information is the key to better cancer care.

Elekta is the world’s leading developer of software solutions for patient information, treatment planning and soft tissue visualization in oncology. The solutions are collected under the Information-guided cancer care™ vision, which comprises: Care Management, Treatment Management and Knowledge Management.

Care Management supports all activities in a cancer clinic or network of clinics, thus helping the patient and the care team throughout the continuum of care with safe practices, communication and workflows. MOSAIQ®, the world’s leading oncology information system, is a key solution of Care Management.

Treatment Management is used to design optimal treatment, with the aim of targeting powerful, high-precision doses at the tumor, while avoiding damage to healthy tissue. The latest version of Monaco® treatment planning system enables the sharing of treatment plans and simultaneous planning for multiple patients, leading to faster and more efficient treatment planning. Monaco is a comprehensive treatment planning system that supports all major treatment techniques.

Knowledge Management enables hospitals and clinics to derive benefits from the wealth of collective expertise that is available from previous cancer treatments. Elekta Healthcare Analytics is an application that collects, analyzes and presents large amounts of data in a user-friendly manner, providing guidance for decisions throughout the continuum of care.

In all software, user-friendliness is critical to the ability of hospitals and clinics to leverage its full potential, and is therefore central to all software development. This also includes simplicity when presenting relevant treatment information for patients.

Product launches during the year included Monaco® 5.11, the latest update of the company’s industry-leading software for treatment planning, which offers significant performance- speed enhancements over prior versions. Users can now, with the highest standard in the industry, attain calculation speeds up to four times faster than previous versions of Monaco.

Elekta’s hardware and software solutions for radiotherapy form an integrated workflow approach that is needed to achieve the best outcomes for the patients. Furthermore, Elekta’s software solutions can optionally be implemented through cloud-based and onpremise cloud offerings, providing customers with a scalable solution for a secure, highperforming and fail-safe infrastructure, critical to high-volume, point of care systems.


Elekta is a world leader in solutions for cancer treatment based on internal radiation, known as brachytherapy. Brachytherapy works by placing a radiation source in, or near, the actual tumor, either inside the body or against the skin. This enables more precise targeting of the tumor, while sparing the surrounding normal tissue as much as possible.

Elekta offers brachytherapy products for radiation delivery, known as afterloaders and applicators, as well as treatment planning software. Flexitron® is a highly advanced afterloader platform, which is continuously evolving with new upgrades. Venezia™, an advanced gynecological applicator, was launched during the year and will enable clinicians to easily access the cervix, parametrium and vaginal extensions previously difficult to reach with brachytherapy techniques. Venezia offers flexibility due to its modular design. The combination of Flexitron treatment delivery and Oncentra Brachy® treatment planning with the Venezia applicator provides a truly integrated brachytherapy solution.

Since brachytherapy can be used to treat an increasing number of cancers, it represents major growth potential. One example is non-melanoma skin cancer, a cancer that is increasing rapidly and has previously been treated with radiation therapy to a very limited extent due to low number of referrals for radiotherapy. Esteya® is Elekta’s solution for high-precision skin cancer treatment. The method is gentle and clinically effective and the treatment time is short, thus generating considerable benefits for both patients and clinics. Unlike traditional radiation therapy, the method is based on lower energy X-ray and requires a minimum of shielding, making the treatment suitable for a normal treatment room, after minor adjustments bringing the solution outside of a radiation bunker and closer to patients.


Elekta Services provides comprehensive installation, service and support solutions to maximize clinical availability and utilization for all products in the Elekta portfolio. The Elekta Care™ service program is designed to provide peace of mind to Elekta customers across the globe. It also includes training and consulting services for developing and strengthening customer competitiveness and efficiency. In established markets, Elekta Services accounts for a substantial proportion of revenues. In growth regions, the need for services is increasing rapidly as the installed base expands.

Elekta Care™ support is fully operational in the US and Europe, and implementation is in progress in the Asia Pacific region. Experienced certified engineers and software support technicians deliver the knowledge and resources to solve any situation swiftly.

Elekta Care also includes IntellliMax® Remote Services, for diagnosing customer systems and, in many cases, resolving issues remotely. In addition, IntelliMax® is monitoring over 300 distinct alert definitions within Elekta’s linear accelerators, identifying potential problems before they interrupt the customer’s clinical treatment, and enabling predictive and proactive support. Updating software remotely is also possible.

A key component of Elekta’s growth strategy in new markets is to provide collaborative education and training solutions, since the shortage of trained personnel in radiation oncology is a limiting factor in many countries. Training is conducted in close collaboration with leading university hospitals, and Elekta also operates proprietary training centers for radiation therapy – Learning and Innovation Centers (LINC) – in Beijing, China and Atlanta in the US.

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