Executive Management

Gustaf Salford

Year of birth: 1977 
Role: President and CEO
Employed since: 2009 
Education: MSc in Business Administration, Stockholm School of Economics


Johan Adebäck

Year of birth: 1964
Role: CFO
Employed since: 2004
Education: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Economics, Stockholm University

Karin Svenske Nyberg

Year of birth: 1966 
Role: Executive Vice President Human Resources
Employed since: 2017 
Education: MSc Chemical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and Behavioural Science, Stockholm University


Maurits Wolleswinkel

Year of birth: 1971 
Role: Chief Product Officer
Employed since: 2011 
Education: MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology, and MSc in General Management from Nyenrode University


Verena Schiller

Year of birth: 1980
Role: President Neuro Solutions
Employed since: 2008–2010; 2012



John Lapré

Year of birth: 1964 
Role: President Brachy Solutions
Employed since: 2011 (Nucletron 2009) 
Education: MSc in Human Nutrition and Physiology, and PhD in Toxicology from Wageningen University


Andrew Wilson

Year of birth: 1970
Role: President Oncology Informatics Solutions
Employed since: 2006
Education: BSc Health Science, University of Sydney


Paul Bergström

Year of birth: 1974
Role: Executive Vice President Global Services
Employed since: 2017
Education: MSc in Electrical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm


Larry Biscotti

Year of birth: 1974  
Role: Executive Vice President Region Americas
Employed since: 2018
Education: BSc Cornell University; MBA Pepperdine University


Anming Gong

Year of birth: 1964
Role: Executive Vice President Region China
Employed since: 2009
Education: MSc Biomedical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China


Jonas Bolander

Year of birth: 1966 
Role: General Counsel and Executive Vice President
Employed since: 2001 
Education: Master of Laws from Stockholm University


Habib Nehme

Year of birth: 1964
Role: Executive Vice President Turkey, India, Middle East, Africa, APAC & Japan
Employed since: 2018
Education: Master in Biomedical Engineering from University of Technology of Compiègne, France, and Université Saint-Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon; Marketing degree from HEC-Paris


Lionel Hadjadjeba

Year of birth: 1958
Role: President Linac Solutions
Employed since: 2019
Education: Medical Doctor degree (Internal Medicine and Hemato-Oncology) from Nancy University, France and MBA from HEC Business School, Paris, France


Ardie Ermers

Year of birth: 1975
Role: Executive Vice President Region Europe
Employed since: 2021
Education: MSc Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Eindhoven University of Technology


Contact Investor Relations

Cecilia Ketels

Head of Investor Relations


Kira Haapanen

Investor Relations Manager