The Compensation and Sustainability Committee is appointed by Elekta’s Board of Directors and prepares matters regarding remuneration principles, remuneration and other terms of employment for company management, evaluates the program for variable remuneration and application of the guidelines of remuneration of senior executives.


The Compensation and Sustainability Committee consists of three members appointed by the board at the first board meeting following the election of the board by the annual general meeting of shareholders for a term of one year. The members of the committee are Laurent Leksell, who is also the chairman of the committee, Wolfgang Reim, Caroline Leksell Cooke and Cecilia Wikström. The President and CEO also attends the committee’s meetings and the EVP Human Resources serves as secretary for the committee.


The objective of the Compensation and Sustainability Committee is to ensure a fair and equitable remuneration scope and structure for managers at Elekta. Such remuneration should be designed to contribute to generating maximum value for shareholders and customers, while maintaining the Group’s market competitiveness. It should further be designed to ensure the Group’s ability to attract, motivate and retain managers who are key to achieving the business objectives of the Group. This applies to remuneration structures for the executive management and for other remuneration structures targeting all Elekta managers. The objective of the committee is also to ensure succession planning and reviews of management succession plans for senior management levels and other Group-critical positions, and to ensure gender and diversity analysis and actions. Furthermore, the objective of the committee is to ensure senior management competencies and capabilities including organization development programs. The committee works in accordance with directives for the Compensation and Sustainability Committee adopted by the board. The committee keeps the board regularly informed and refers matters to the board for decision as necessary.

Refer to Elekta’s Corporate Governance Report for more information about the Committee’s work, meeting attendance, etc. during 2018/19.

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