The Audit Committee is appointed by Elekta’s Board of Directors and monitors the quality of the financial reporting, risk management, the correct use of established financial principles, examines the work of the auditors and informs the Board.


The Audit Committee consists of four members, appointed by the Board at the first Board meeting following the election of the Board by the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders for a term of one year. The members of the Committee are Birgitta Stymne Göransson, who is also the Chairman of the Committee, Jan Secher and Johan Malmquist. The President and CEO, the CFO and the Chief Audit Executive also attend the Committee’s meetings as well as the external auditor as applicable. The General Counsel serves as secretary for the Committee.


The objective of the Audit Committee is to monitor the Group’s financial reporting and the effectiveness of the Group’s internal control, internal audit and risk management. The objective is also to keep itself informed about the external audit of the annual report and consolidated report of Elekta AB as well as to review and monitor the impartiality and independence of the external auditor, and pay particular attention if the external auditor provides the Group with services other than audit services. Furthermore, the objective is to assist the Nomination Committee in preparing the proposal to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders regarding election of external auditor. The Committee works in accordance with Working Instructions for the Audit Committee adopted by the Board. The Committee keeps the Board regularly informed and prepares matters to the Board for decision.

Refer to Elekta’s Corporate Governance Report for more information about the Committee’s work, meeting attendance, etc. during the last fiscal year.

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