MOSAIQ SmartClinic: connecting the patient’s journey

Mosaiq Smart Clinic
Apr 24, 2019 4 minute read

by Nancy Wu, Elekta Director of Product Marketing, Oncology Informatics

Cancer. This single word can change someone’s world forever. Once diagnosed, starting treatment as soon as possible helps empower patients to pursue their journey through cancer care toward the best possible outcome. But many steps must be taken―by multiple care providers and in the correct order―before treatment can begin. For those undergoing treatment that includes radiation therapy, these steps include:

  • Pre-treatment scans to determine the location, size and shape of the tumor
  • Treatment planning to determine precisely how much radiation will be delivered during each treatment session
  • Beam shaping to ensure the radiation beams are focused to deliver the most effective treatment while minimizing exposure risks.

Given this complexity, it’s no surprise when patients and care providers face bumps in the treatment journey that can cause care delays or inefficiencies.

MOSAIQ SmartClinic is the solution to the challenges of complex care

Mosaiq Smart Clinic

A key challenge to effectively managing and carrying out the multiple components of comprehensive cancer care is that the various tasks, activities and orders needed to deliver care on time are “hidden” within the patient’s electronic medical record (EMR) and the care center’s scheduling systems. Each member of the care team must proactively look into each patient record to determine what needs to get done, with little coordination among members of the care team or different departments.

MOSAIQ SmartClinic is designed to achieve three main goals:

  • Refining the overall user experience. Through improving workflow visibility clinicians can now easily see patients’ health status and pinpoint where they are in their treatment at all times.
  • Enhance patient care. By creating a quicker and more efficient workflow, clinicians will have more time to spend speaking with patients and addressing their concerns.
  • Enable the collection of more data. The ability to more precisely collect patient information allows clinicians to gather more data that can ultimately be used to demonstrate value-based care and meet reporting requirements.

MOSAIQ SmartClinic provides a transparent approach to care management that includes automated alerts and reminders, so each member of the care team is updated in real time on patient and activity status. This innovative software solution reduces the risk that an activity won’t get done on time by alerting the responsible member of the care team to ensure the task is completed. MOSAIQ SmartClinic also uses a visual whiteboard that displays information in real time without having to access the EMR. It also displays the activities for which a physician is immediately responsible, simplifying and facilitating collaborative care decision-making.

When the course of cancer care changes, Elekta helps you course correct through new software that better predicts and adapts to your needs. MOSAIQ SmartClinic innovative software empowers you to enhance the care path- no matter where you are.

Unlike competing care management solutions, MOSAIQ SmartClinic is fully integrated with MOSAIQ, Elekta’s industry-leading EMR. This full integration empowers MOSAIQ SmartClinic with visual “dashboards” showing key patient treatment information on a single summary screen that can be customized based on the fields each physician wants to see. Integration with MOSAIQ also simplifies the patient experience with “smart” forms that automatically pull data from the patient’s EMR into health surveys and questionnaires, reducing the amount of information patients need to enter. These smart forms adapt in response to the patient’s answer to specific questions.

For example, patients indicating they smoke trigger additional questions about their smoking duration and frequency, which don’t appear to patients who do not smoke. These subsequent questions won’t appear if the patient initially answers “no.” Questions can be adapted based on the location of the patient’s tumor and other clinical and health history data. These “smart” features reduce data entry errors–ensuring the care team has accurate information–and make more efficient use of patients’ time.

Elekta’s “Smart” approach to innovation

The development of MOSAIQ SmartClinic is a great example of Elekta’s “outside in” approach to innovation, which is driven by the needs of those on the front lines of cancer care. At an Elekta event in 2018, members of three clinical centers began discussing their frustration with currently available systems for managing patient and clinical workflows and brainstorming what a more transparent and real-time solution would like. An Elekta software product manager joined the conversation, and the concept was established. Elekta developed MOSAIQ SmartClinic as a transformative solution to meets the vision and needs of clinical experts charged daily with delivering excellent patient care.

Elekta established an international consortium of experts eager to help develop this technology. I believe this is a testament to their confidence in Elekta’s ability to develop products and technologies that can help clinicians provide patients with the best possible care.

As Elekta innovates treatment technologies enabling Precision Radiation Medicine, we continue to focus on developing novel software solutions vital to cancer care, helping to ensure the cost-effective delivery of safe and effective treatment.

Get Ready to Get Smart

MOSAIQ SmartClinic is in development with a highly enthusiastic group of customers across the world. We know that many care centers and customers are eager to learn more about MOSAIQ SmartClinic and how it can transform clinical workflows and their patients’ care journeys. Attendees at ESTRO 38 in Milan will have the opportunity to participate in demonstrations at the Elekta booth.

Look for additional information as we approach commercial launch later this year. It’s never too early to get smart!

MOSAIQ SmartClinic is not available in all markets.

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