Elekta Unity patients can sigh a breath of relief with new imaging upgrade

Elekta recently received CE mark for the use of 3D VANE XD
Nov 18, 2020 2 minute read

New imaging capabilities on Elekta Unity will enable high quality, free breathing MRI of the abdomen and thorax to support imaging and treatment in patients who are unable to hold their breath.

Elekta recently received CE mark for the use of 3D VANE XD
Elekta recently received CE mark for the use of 3D VANE XD

It was already the most advanced magnetic resonance radiation therapy (MR/RT) system in the world when launched in 2018, nevertheless, Elekta’s MR-Linac, Elekta Unity, continues to evolve, and further sets us apart from our competitors.

Motion related image artifacts are a common challenge with free-breathing MRI. The latest product release on Elekta Unity enables 3D VANE XD* MR imaging, a Philips proprietary imaging technique. 3D VANE supports free-breathing imaging of the thorax and abdomen without the need for the patient to hold their breath. 3D VANE reduces the effects of voluntary and involuntary anatomical motion on image quality. Not only does it provide sharper images for more accurate patient setup and higher precision, but it provides greater comfort for patients.

Elekta recently received CE mark for the use of 3D VANE XD MR imaging capability along with significant other upgrades on Elekta Unity. This new imaging capability enables the clinical care team to personalize motion management during radiation treatment delivery based on the location of the tumor, range of tumor motion, and the needs of the patient.

Lionel Hadjadjeba, Elekta’s President MR-Linac Solutions
Lionel Hadjadjeba, Elekta’s President MR-Linac Solutions

This new release also marks an upgrade of the hardware and image reconstruction software of the MRI subsystem to enable faster translation of imaging capabilities from Philips’s Ingenia MR scanner to our Elekta Unity MR-Linac.

Lionel Hadjadjeba, Elekta’s President MR-Linac Solutions, says: “This a major step in providing comprehensive motion management with Elekta Unity to meet the needs of clinicians and their patients. With support from Philips, we have also upgraded Elekta Unity’s MR subsystem to continue advancing the field of MR/RT and provide sophisticated solutions for precision radiation medicine.”

“We are excited to be partnering with Elekta to expand the capabilities of Elekta Unity and support the needs of the radiation therapy community and to help realize the benefits of MR imaging at the time of radiation treatment”, said Ardie Ermers, Business Leader, Radiation Oncology at Philips.

This new product release is now available to new Unity customers with ongoing / upcoming installations. Existing customers should contact their local sales representative for more details.

*3D VANE XD on Elekta Unity is CE marked and available in all markets that accept the CE mark. For all other countries, please contact your local representative.

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