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Sep 7, 2018 3 minute read

5 questions for Elekta’s Else Meijer, Director of Services & Installed Base Product Marketing on evolution of SupportPlus to Elekta Care Community

Wavelength interviewed Elekta’s Else Meijer, Director of Services & Installed Base Product Marketing about the transformation of Elekta’s SupportPlus customer portal to Elekta Care™ Community, the new, user-friendly online customer community that brings the power of Elekta Care straight to your desktop. Former SupportPlus users were automatically switched over to Elekta Care Community, while any customers can register for the new portal by visiting the Elekta Care Community.

What are the major differences between SupportPlus and Elekta Care Community?

In addition to a dramatically different and appealing dashboard-based graphical user interface, Elekta Care Community offers very focused and personalized content that is relevant to each user’s unique needs, profile and language preference. Information on service agreement coverage and status is completely transparent and easily noticed. Users also can enroll in groups and follow relevant topics and news – all in one place.

The Elekta Care Community offers self-service access, enabling members to easily find, navigate and act on designated field change orders (FCO’s) and life cycle announcements through secure, direct communication. This access also permits users to create, view and respond to cases applicable to their account. Furthermore, users will get instant access to all Elekta product libraries, including software patches for direct download, product manuals and knowledge-based articles.

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A major improvement in Elekta Care Community is the ability for users to educate themselves, by sharing knowledge among their peers and gaining access to the global network of Elekta experts, who can provide technical and applications support. A comprehensive selection of courses is available via our enhanced Elekta Care Learning program and can be accessed via the Community.

What was the rationale for transforming Elekta’s customer portal?

We had been collecting a large quantity of data from the regions about their experience with our customer portal and conducted a customer focus group on the portal at ESTRO 2017. The principle issue customers had with the former SupportPlus portal presented too much information that wasn’t relevant to their needs, their site or their equipment – it wasn’t personalized. The other observation from the regional data and focus group was that the portal could be easier to navigate to find things and more attractive and unambiguous from a visual perspective.

With Elekta Care Community, we wanted to make the user experience easier to handle, then include value-added functionality like peer-to-peer interaction in groups.

You mentioned that the graphical user interface has been significantly modified – in what ways?

You can see right away that Elekta Care Community is presented in the popular, uncluttered and unambiguous dashboard design that is super easy to navigate.

Is the “My Elekta” tab an example of the personalized content you alluded to?

Yes, the user can easily navigate to various categories of information that apply specifically to them, such as the My Products section below. Two other site-specific categories are Software Downloads – where you can access the latest software patches for your products and narrow your search criteria with filters, such as category, languages and tags – and Field Change Orders (FCOs).

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In My Elekta, users can also find a trove of product information under Technical Document, where you can access all of Elekta’s published product documentation material. Users can narrow their search with filters such as category, languages and tags.

Without navigating away from My Elekta, you also can go to Create a Case, where you can create a new Support or Suggestion case. Here you can view or edit your new or existing cases and choose the view you want with the dropdown filter and add attachments.

How will Elekta Care Community evolve?

This is just the first phase of the portal overhaul. We plan to continue elevating the user experience to make it more workflow-based. The peer-to-peer functionality will improve and enable users to operate more and more autonomously; customers will be able to create and administrate their own groups and add new members at will. We also are discussing the possibility of using the portal for e-commerce activities for medical oncology and radiation oncology consumables.

Learn more about the Elekta Care Community. Login to your account with your existing customer portal credentials, or register for an account. You may also watch the “Get Started” videos to understand all the new and improved offerings.

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