MOSAIQ® Locate

Integrated stereotactic localization

Any frame-based stereotactic treatment requires a localization tool. With MOSAIQ Locate, there is no need for a separate localizer system: localization is integrated with the patient’s medical record for a smoother, more efficient workflow.

Used clinically in stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) and stereotactic neurosurgery (SNS) procedures, MOSAIQ Locate works with many DICOM-compatible treatment planning systems and supports many head-and-neck frames. It automatically identifies miscalibrated images and provides a full audit trail in the patient record. There's no need for standalone localizers or extra trips to the planning room to review and approve images.

Because MOSAIQ Locate runs inside the EMR, you benefit from:

Keep your stereotactic localization simple with MOSAIQ Locate.

  • All needed information is in the same place, so localization needs can be managed quickly and efficiently

  • Reduce data duplication and potential for error

  • Perform stereotactic localization anywhere MOSAIQ is installed in the clinic

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