MOSAIQ® Evaluate

Integrated plan management and dose review

Selecting the best treatment plan for each patient can involve multiple treatment modalities, planning systems and approval steps. MOSAIQ Evaluate can pull it all together and simplify the process.

MOSAIQ Evaluate brings plan management and dose review tools into the EMR, so you can assess and approve plans for any treatment modality from any MOSAIQ workstation.

Analytical tools in Evaluate help clinicians compare plans from different systems, quantify and evaluate dose coverage trade-offs, to ensure the best possible course of treatment for each patient.

With MOSAIQ Evaluate, you can:

Plan management doesn't have to be cumbersome. With MOSAIQ Evaluate, you can reduce the backlog of plans waiting for review and be confident that you're selecting the best care path for every patient.

  • Merge RT plan, dose, and DVH reviews into a single system for clearer comparisons and more efficient workflows

  • Easily review and approve plans inside the EMR, saving steps and reducing treatment delays