XiO® proton therapy treatment

Precision plans for proton therapy

Elekta's XiO provides a robust planning system for particle therapy treatments. For precision plans and smooth workflows, XiO brings you the features you've come to expect from Elekta treatment planning: automation tools, advanced dose calculations, easy integration, and a high degree of flexibility.

XiO’s comprehensive planning workflow tools provide fast contouring, Fusion, Virtual Sim, Planning and Review Tools in one.  With 2D, 3D and IMRT capability, XIO can handle both Photon, Proton and Electron planning using multiple algorithms.

XiO supports the range of particle therapy treatment modalities, including:

XiO combined with MOSAIQ offers both an integrated oncology information system and dedicated treatment planning software for particle therapy with a single patient record.

Elekta’s open systems approach ensures interfaces are available for a wide range of particle therapy device vendors, giving users flexibility in choosing a treatment device that’s right for them without compromise.

* Pending regulatory clearance in Canada, South Korea, and China.

  • Highest possible precision for different tissues without Monte Carlo

  • Physicists can customize almost any parameter

  • Complete workflow planning tools in one - Contouring, Fusion, Virtual Sim, Planning and Review