MOSAIQ® SmartClinic Mobile oncology workflow management

Helping you make the most of your time

Cancer treatments are increasingly complex, with a wide range of professionals involved in patient care. At the same time, as the incidence of cancer continues to grow, oncology clinics are faced with ever-expanding workloads.

Your time is a valuable commodity – and we want to make the most of it.

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Quality data with little effort

A single tap will take you to the information you need


  • View your pending tasks
  • Review and approve documents
  • Check off completed tasks

Patient synopsis

  • Get a succinct patient overview
  • Check patient chart, treatment status and appointment schedule at a glance
  • Be fully informed during consultations and MDT meetings


  • Check your appointments for the day, week or month ahead
  • View appointments by person or by clinic
  • Open a patient synopsis from your appointments list


  • View the care path workflow for multiple patients
  • Track progress and advance the care path without delay
  • Look ahead to forecast and manage workload


  • Quickly open the correct form for the correct patient
  • Ensure each question is based on previous answers with its dynamic design
  • Complete and submit forms electronically
  • Create new forms to your specific requirements


  • View and change your personal settings
  • Add tabs and customize views according to your needs
  • Tailor SmartBoards to your specific workflows

Process automation

Automatically perform a range of predictable steps

Proactive workflows

Once a SmartBoard task is completed (or a significant change is made, such as a prescription), SmartClinic proactively shows the next step that needs attention and automatically notifies the person/people responsible.

SmartForm selection

When input, such as consent, is required, the right SmartForm automatically appears for the right patient, at the right time.

It can be completed and signed electronically, and MOSAIQ is updated immediately. SmartForms can also be used to record physician intent, which drives the relevant SmartBoard processes.

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Automatic notifications ensure that you always know when an action is required, minimizing delays.

MOSAIQ updates

All updates, notes and data input into MOSAIQ SmartClinic are automatically captured in MOSAIQ - your constant source of truth.

MOSAIQ® SmartClinic is not available in all markets

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