Clinical registries

Data management and analytics for registry and evidence-based reporting

Harness the power of data—from your clinic and around the world.

Today there’s more clinical information available than ever before, waiting to be analyzed and applied. The data is big, and registries are rich resources.

Registries offer clear views of clinical practices, patient outcomes, safety, and comparative effectiveness. Analytics make it possible to transform registry data into evidence-based medicine and decision making.

Whether your department is focused on oncology or neuroscience, you can use Elekta's registry resources to:

When every clinic effectively manages its data and shares it with others, we collectively expand the body of knowledge available to the whole healthcare community. Together, through information-guided care, we can collaborate in new ways, advance clinical discovery, and work toward better outcomes.

  • Aggregate & analyze insights to deliver the most effective and personalized patient care

  • Access everything from data extraction to rich visualization capabilities

  • Leverage enormous amounts of data to advance clinical research and drive better patient outcomes

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