MOSAIQ® Oncology Analytics

Smart data for better care

MOSAIQ Oncology Analytics (MOA) maximizes your EHR’s potential to ensure your clinic runs at peak efficiency. Working seamlessly with your single and multiple MOSAIQ systems, MOA provides the actionable practice information needed to quickly assess and adapt to issues affecting quality of care, productivity and cost.


MOSAIQ® Oncology Analytics

  • Identifies inefficiencies and potential quality improvements through intuitive, flexible dashboards
  • Monitors care patterns and operational trends across your entire MOSAIQ network with customizable dynamic reports


  • Detects potential areas for cost reduction while managing and measuring resource utilization
  • Helps physicians improve patient care

Enhance patient care

Foster a culture of collaboration and learning for great patient care

New opportunities for collaboration

Go from good to great with data that illuminates new opportunities for collaboration and learning


Leaner workflows

End bottlenecks and create leaner workflows with intuitive operational dashboards


Meaningful patient impact

Make meaningful patient impact with meaningful treatment analysis—captured in custom reports

Optimize operations

Optimize resources, dig deeper into patient demographics and automate reporting

Informed care decisions

Make more informed care decisions with a flexible dashboard that dives into patient populations, community demographics and referrals


Optimal resourcing

Optimize your resources by making smart business decisions with actionable data


Quality control

Control quality with customizable, dynamic reports

Improve cost savings

See a complete picture of practice performance and boost savings across your entire network

Streamline operations

Get an operations overview to see where streamlining makes sense


Cost analysis insights

Take advantage of cost analysis—and spend money where it matters


Intuitive oncology network

Create an integrated oncology network that runs as intuitively as the dashboard itself

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