Elekta Vantage

Leksell® Vantage™
Stereotactic System 

New non-metallic material in the head frame and accessories allows clinicians to see more anatomy without artifacts or distortion in imaging.

Since Lars Leksell founded our company more than 45 years ago, Elekta has been dedicated to pioneering advances in stereotactic neurosurgery. Building on our strong principles and foundations, the Leksell® Vantage™ Stereotactic System provides clinicians another powerful and versatile tool to provide a high level of user confidence and a greatly improved patient experience.

Lars Leksell
"The tools used by the surgeon must be adapted to the task and, where the human brain is concerned, they cannot be too refined."
The late Prof. Lars Leksell
Elekta Founder

Designed for excellence

The proven and well-known Leksell coordinate system and center-of-arc principle are implemented in an intuitive and user-friendly workflow—creating clinical, operational and financial benefits for the clinic.

Coordinate system
The proven Leksell coordinate system is applied to the Leksell Vantage head frame

Three key elements make up the system


Our innovative metal-free head frame enables frame-based MR imaging in less time and with less restriction of MR sequences than ever before. This allows clinicians to see more anatomy without artifacts or distortion in imaging. The frame’s open-face design makes it patient friendly and easy to use.

FirmFix lengths and rulers
Frame with FirmFix lengths and ruler


Frame with fiducial box
Frame with fiducial box
Frame with coil adapters
Frame with coil adapters

New user-friendly MR accessories with a smaller circumference give the potential for higher resolution 3D stereotactic neuroimaging by potentially fitting inside multichannel coils.


Our new Leksell® Vantage™ Arc System has an elegant ‘click-on’ mechanism that enables easy automatic docking to the rings of the Z-scales, providing confidence and control during surgery. The clearly visible X-scale on the back and front of the arc allows for a smooth setting and use of the X-coordinate during surgical procedures. Vernier scales are added in the new arc design and arc supports, enabling the setting of target coordinates at decimal digits.

During procedures, the new design—placing all X-, Y- and Z-scales sterile outside of draping—enables smooth coordinate changes, allowing uncompromised accuracy in daily clinical practice.

Vernier scales
Vernier scales
Arc system
Arc system
Arc system

Range of benefits

Clinician control

The Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System is designed to meet the most exacting demands of today’s clinicians, enabling a smooth workflow and offering a broad range of benefits.

Intuitive and user-friendly
Integrating proven and trusted Leksell principles with intuitive setup and operation make the system easy to use.

Greater overall control
Reduced artifact and distortion in stereotactic images together with workflow enhancements support clinician confidence.

Shorter treatment times
Easy setup and operation mean MR imaging can be done in a shorter time frame.

Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System 2
Treatment planning
Metal-free design of head frame and PEEK polymer fixation pins with a small aluminum tip enable MR imaging so clinicians can see more clinically relevant anatomy and vasculature during treatment planning.
Reduced time
Fewer pieces enable shorter assembly times and reduced risk of losing parts during cleaning and sterilization. Non-metallic properties support reduced MR imaging time.
Click-on arc
The well-engineered and fast arc docking system is efficient and reduces the risk of human-induced forces applied to the arc.
The frame is suitable for smaller neuro head coils, allowing clinicians additional flexibility.
Open-face design
Patient facial expressions are continuously visible and airways are accessible should intubation be required.
Easily visible X-scale
Clearly visible on the back and front of the arc, setting and use of the X-coordinate during surgical procedures is easy, offering control and confidence.
Less distortion
A higher signal-to-noise ratio means less distortion in the MRI.
No sterilization needed outside of draping
In the operating room, the sterile interface is secured by the draping and the disposable pins are delivered sterile.

In addition, the setting of the X-, Y- and Z-scales is done outside of the draping—enabling smooth coordinate changes during procedures.

Patient comfort

The new Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System was designed keeping the needs and treatment experience of the patient in mind, providing fast and patient-friendly immobilization.

Doctor and patient
Easy mounting of the frame on the patient’s head supports a positive patient experience.
Treatment time
Fewer frame components with easier assembly and disassembly support shorter overall treatment times.
New smaller adapters support patient comfort.
The open-face design exposes the patient’s eyes, nose and mouth for unrestricted visibility and access.

Compatibility supports seamless integration

Leksell Vantage Stereotactic System is fully compatible with Elekta neurosurgical instruments.

Compatibility enables a seamless transition to the new Leksell Vantage System, allowing clinicians to easily use both systems. The Leksell Stereotactic System remains the leading minimally invasive neurosurgery stereotactic system and is well-suited for numerous Elekta neurosurgical tools. Learn more about the powerful compatibility of Elekta systems here.

Injection/Aspiration needle kit
Injection/Aspiration needle kit
DBS implantations
DBS implantations
Insertion cannula kit
Insertion cannula kit
Salcman Twist Drill Kit
Salcman Twist Drill kit

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