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Elekta Medical Affairs works closely with the medical community in order to better understand and to internally communicate the needs of the patient and of the practitioner. This insight drives research and development and helps to advance radiotherapy and stereotactic neurosurgery.

By becoming trusted scientific partners in international research collaborations, we are committed to secure, efficient data sharing through data registries. These collaborations lead to the discovery of clinical evidence that supports new, safe and effective uses of radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer and neurological disorders.


What's new

  • An important review article on the exciting development of MRI-guided radiation therapy has been published

    The transformation of radiation oncology using real-time magnetic resonance guidance: A review.
    European Journal of Cancer 122: 42-52.
    Hall, W. A., et al. (2019).

  • Combining an advanced linear accelerator with high-field MR-imaging to take full advantage of online adaptive radiation therapy

    Elekta Unity for Magnetic Resonance Radiation Therapy (MR/RT): A white paper.
    KJ Brown, J. Goldwein, L. de Vries




Elekta Medical Affairs activities include

  • Organize and host customer research collaborations
  • Research and write clinical evidence reports
  • Attend major scientific meetings
  • Provide internal and external education

Case Studies

ACE Advanced Collapsed cone Engine

Bob van Veelen, Yunzhi Ma and Luc Beaulieu

Elekta Unity for Magnetic Resonance Radiation Therapy (MR/RT)

KJ Brown, PhD, Research and Innovation Elekta
J Goldwein, MD, Medical Affairs Elekta
L de Vries, Real-time Adaptive Radiotherapy Elekta

Esteya® Electronic Brachytherapy – A Dedicated Solution for Improving Skin Cancer Patient Care

Rakesh Patel, MD, Director of Th e Targeted Radiation Institutes, Silicon Valley, CA, USA
Ate K. Loonstra, MSc, Manager Global Medical Aff airs, Elekta, Veenendaal, The Netherlands

Lung SBRT in a patient with poor pulmonary function

Department of Oncology, Odense University Hospital

Radiation Dose Reduction in OAR by using the Fletcher CT/MR Shielded Applicator and Oncentra® Brachy Advanced Collapsed cone Engine

Firas Mourtada, M.S.E., Ph.D., DABR, FAAPM
Helen F. Graham Cancer Center, Christiana Care Health System, Newark, DE
Associate Professor (Adj.) MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
Associate Professor (Adj.) Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

SBRT for NSCLC using Versa HD™ with flattening filter-free beams (High Dose Rate mode) and Active Breathing Coordinator™

Department of Oncology, Department of Radiation Oncology, University Medical Center Mannheim

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