Brachytherapy treatment and resources by Elekta

Today 2 out of 3 patients receive care with Elekta brachytherapy solutions*

With abundant clinical evidence, it is an indispensable part of radiation therapy.

Elekta brings cutting edge solutions to everyday clinical practice through the world’s largest brachytherapy educational resource platform.

* Based on market share for HDR brachytherapy

What's new in Brachytherapy?

Solutions by body region

Elekta Brachytherapy solutions are designed for precise, targeted treatment of various cancers such as cervical, prostate, breast, skin and rectal. Brachytherapy is suited as a single modality or in combination with other treatments such as external beam radiation therapy. Elekta Brachytherapy offers you best-in-class clinical solutions, a worldwide presence and above all, a commitment to patient care.

human-body-figure H e a d a n d n e c k B r e a s t Gyn e c ol o g y B r on c h u s a n d e sop h a g u s S k i n B l add e r P r o s t a t e R e c t u m

Clinical evidence

Boost precision

An integral part of worldwide treatment guidelines

Standard of care for cervical cancer5

Demonstrated favorable patient outcomes for many different body sites including cervical, prostate, breast and skin6-8

Find out more about the abundant clinical evidence on


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Innovation leader

Elekta Brachytherapy solutions are part of Elekta’s leading radiation therapy portfolio and encompass forty years of Nucletron® innovations. These include Esteya® electronic brachytherapy, Flexitron® afterloader, Oncentra® Brachy treatment planning, the broadest range of applicators in the industry and Real-time Prostate Solutions.
And the latest innovation: the advanced gynecological applicator Venezia.


Empowering through education

Peer-to-peer education platform for brachytherapy professionals

The BrachyAcademy comprises a complete peer-to-peer medical education library and includes programs such as clinical workshops and training visits to leading hospitals worldwide.

35 trainings worldwide
35 trainings worldwide

35 educational centers worldwide

Peer-to-peer expert community with over 1800 members

Peer-to-peer expert community with over 1800 members

Gain access to the world's largest brachytherapy resource platform

Gain access to the world’s largest brachytherapy resource platform

About Brachytherapy

Screenshot About Brachytherapy

Elekta also offers the only online brachytherapy portal for patients including awareness materials:

Elekta Care™

Elekta Care supports you from startup through your product's lifecycle with comprehensive options from education, training and upgrades to solutions allowing you the highest uptime and improved operational efficiency.