Green Processes

The world is experiencing an unprecedented gravity of environmental crises such as climate change and ending of natural resources. No matter how big or small, we must all take actions to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, improve the resilience to manage climate related effects on societies, and upgrade industries and manufacturing sites for a more sustainable production. Elekta is taking steps to minimize our footprint and working to advance more sustainable productions processes. Our long-term goals in this area evolve around three key initiatives (also set out in our Global Environmental Policy):

  • Develop a system for taking back and recycling components and material in our products (circular solutions)
  • Safely managing and minimizing waste (including hazardous materials, package reduction etc.)
  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (including the "Scope 3" emissions in our supply chain, caused for example when buying components and transporting our products)

We aspire to be an actor that peers and others can look to for inspiration on our approach to combat climate change. We fully stand behind the Paris Agreement of 2015 and we are committed to set our targets in line with the Agreement's targets and the criteria of the Science Based Targets initiative

Goal 9, Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Goal 12, Responsible consumption and production
Goal 13, Climate action

Applicable sustainable development goals


9.4 Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability
9.5 Enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies
12.4 Responsible management of chemicals and waste
12.5 Substantially reduce waste generation
13.1 Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related disasters

Elekta's contribution

  • Developing more sustainable manufacturing sites
  • Ensuring adherence to our environmental policies and standards.
  • Advancing the circular approach in product development and reducing waste at our manufacturing sites as well as packaging.
  • Decrease the greenhouse gas emissions at Elekta and throughout our value chain e.g. developing more energy-efficient products, low-carbon transport alternatives and reducing business travel.