Global Environment Policy


The purpose of this Policy is to ensure that Elekta embeds environmental considerations into its business operations. Elekta strives to manage its environmental impacts throughout the value chain and the life cycle of delivering its products and services, to meet its long-term environmental ambitions and sustainability goals.

All Elekta Professionals have a personal responsibility to contribute to integrating environmental considerations in all business activities and to help minimize Elekta's environmental footprint.


Management approach

Elekta is committed to protecting the environment (including prevention of pollution). In order to minimize our negative environmental impact from the business operations, Elekta applies a structured management approach based on continuous improvement of the environmental performance, by setting targets, monitoring, measuring and evaluating impacts and risks. Management commitment and employee awareness are key features in our approach.

Environmental considerations

Elekta develops, uses and promotes environmentally friendly technology, products and services in its operations and throughout our value chain, and prioritizes suppliers and partners with similar objectives.

Elekta strives to set a good example to other stakeholders. Elekta also takes into consideration any environmental risks or negative environmental impact caused throughout the supply chain. We ask our suppliers to fully comply with applicable environmental legislation and set the same level of protection for the environment as we ask of ourselves (Supplier Code of Conduct).

Elekta's most material environmental aspects are:

  • Waste (hazardous and non-hazardous) management, with the aim to minimize waste from our production through careful selection and, efficient use, of materials in products and packaging. This includes ensuring that an effective system is in place for handling, removing and disposing of waste.
  • Increased circularity, with the aim to increase the lifespan of products and materials by refurbishing products, reusing components, reselling parts at their end of life and recycling materials to minimize wasted resources.
  • Climate change mitigation and continuous reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions, with generation of renewable energy whenever possible.

Other environmental aspects are continuously evaluated where relevant.

Standards and Reporting

Elekta supports the precautionary principle and is committed to the UN Global Compact and to following its principles regarding environmental protection.

Elekta shall always act in accordance with all environmental legislation, other mandatory requirements and industry codes of conduct and best practices regarding environmental protection. All Elekta manufacturing units shall implement and certify environmental management systems that meet the ISO 14001, or equivalent, standard.

Elekta has an environmental reporting system in place to report on performance regarding communicated targets and communicates the most material environmental performance in a transparent, reliable and timely manner.

It is the responsibility of each Head of Region, Business Line or Function to implement the company-wide environmental targets set on an annual basis and report performance on those targets on a regular basis to the Compliance and Sustainability Function (the Global Sustainability Manager).