Response to data security incident in the U.S.

Elekta’s first-generation cloud-based storage system has experienced a data security incident. A subset of customers in North America are affected. Immediately upon learning of this incident, Elekta partnered with leading cyber experts and law enforcement to launch an investigation to understand what happened, mitigate any possible harm, and offer our customers a reliable solution that delivers on our commitment to ensure that cancer patients have access to precise and personalized radiotherapy treatments. We recognize the impact this might have on customers and their patients and are working tirelessly to enable customers to continue providing secure patient care.

Affected customers have been notified and fully briefed through the appropriate channels and in accordance with legal requirements and business agreements with Elekta.

Customer contact

If you are in the United States and have questions, please contact +1 855-693-5358. If outside the U.S., please contact your regional Elekta Care support team.

Media enquiries

Please contact Mattias Thorsson, Vice President, Head of Corporate Communications, +46 708 658012