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50 years of innovation and beyond

Building hope

Founded by Lars and Laurent Leksell in 1972, we have dedicated ourselves to pioneering advances in cancer care and the treatment of brain disorders.

Today, we are over 4,700 people working towards a world where everyone has access to the best cancer care.

This is our story.

A modern approach

Part four: 2005-2022

As it was for Lars Leksell, modern cancer treatment is about precision and visualization. But today, there are more technologies—and software ties it together, for a cancer treatment that older generations only dreamed of. What could the future hold?

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Important turns

Part three: 1994-2005

A major acquisition paves the way for a broader Elekta way—because radiosurgery and radiotherapy can play well together. Precision is key, as is visualization! For the whole body! This approach requires an organization that truly spans the globe.

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A company grows

Part two: 1986-1993

Finally, the first Gamma Knife sale! The treatment brings new hope to cancer patients, while Elekta figures out how to work with health care providers worldwide. And for ways to treat more than just the brain. Can the Elekta way be used for the whole body?

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The early years

Part one: 1972-1986

Neurosurgeon Lars Leksell invents Leksell Gamma Knife to treat brain cancer—without an open surgical procedure! Now, how will that impact traditional radiotherapy? Sons Larry and Danny help turn it all into a proper company.

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