Venezia™ Elekta's Advanced Gynecological Applicator

A new option for treating advanced stage cervical cancer

Elekta's Advanced Gynecological Applicator, Venezia, enables physicians to treat advanced cervical disease with interstitial brachytherapy in a pre-defined and reproducible way, ensuring optimal dose distribution for most patients. Thanks to the one-click system Venezia is easy to insert and assemble, eliminating the need for screws or tools.

What's new

Unique Features

  • One-click system for easy assembly
  • Ovoid holes for parallel and oblique needles
  • Cylinder caps for treatment of the vaginal wall

Essential Features

  • Perineal templates guide needle placement
  • Two lunar shaped ovoids form a ring when clicked together
  • Compatible with Elekta Brachytherapy Solutions

Expand clinical capabilities

Reach cervix, parametrium and vagina with ease

“With Venezia, I expect to treat advanced cervical cancer patients with more ease. Venezia will allow me to reach tumors extended to the parametrium because I can position needles at multiple angles, in the vagina and through the perineum.”
Petch Alisanant, MD Division of Radiation Oncology Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
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Reach beyond

The option for parallel and oblique needles in Venezia allows you to access tumors in the parametrium and the vaginal extensions with ease.

Optimal dose distribution

The two lunar-shaped ovoids form a ring when clicked together, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of a tandem and ovoid applicator in combination with the dose distribution of a ring—high dose to the target volume while sparing organs at risk.

Use for various patient groups

Venezia can be used to treat patients with IIIB cervical cancer, but also IB, IIA/B, IIIA and stage IVA tumors. One applicator can treat multiple tumor stages, so you can use the same applicator type for various patient groups.

Simplify interstitial gynecological brachytherapy

Applicator insertion and assembly can be done by just one clinical staff member

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“The needles just click in before placing into the vagina. Advancing them is very simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge or level of sophistication in doing a lot of implants previously.”
Dr. Biagioli, MD Radiation Oncologist from Florida Hospital-Orlando, Florida, USA

Reduce the need for free-hand needle placement

Although Venezia still allows free-hand needle placement, it is not necessary. The parallel and oblique needle holes in the ovoids and perineal template guide the needles to the desired location.

Easily insert the applicator via two lunar-shaped ovoids

Simply insert the first half of the applicator and attach the second half by sliding and clicking the two parts together.

Quickly assemble the applicator with one-click system

Venezia doesn’t have screws and doesn’t need tools, making applicator assembly and insertion an easy, do-it-yourself task.

Easily integrate into the workflow

Venezia fits a wide range of pelvic dimensions

“I have never used a hybrid applicator before and I am very impressed of how easy it’s been to transition my practice into using the hybrid applicator to where I’m using it to almost all my brachy patients at this point.”
Dr. Saigal, MD Radiation Oncologist, Florida Hospital-Orlando, Florida, USA
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Different sizes/angles accommodate various patient anatomies

Venezia comes in various sizes to accommodate every patient’s pelvic anatomy, increasing patient comfort.

Combine vaginal and perineal needle insertion as needed

Depending on the patient’s indication, the physician can select vaginal and/or perineal needle insertion, eliminating the need for a separate device for every indication.

Support 2D- and 3D-imaging practices

Venezia suits all imaging modalities including ultrasound, CT, x-ray and MRI. For virtually any imaging workflow, Venezia will always be clearly visible in the image dataset.

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Dr. Kunal Saigal

Dr. Kunal Saigal

Dr. Matthew Biagioli

Dr. Matthew Biagioli


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