Elekta Brachytherapy solutions are designed for precise, targeted treatment of various cancers such as prostate, breast, skin and surface, rectum and gynecological anatomy. Brachytherapy is suited as a single modality or in combination with other treatments such as external beam radiation therapy. Elekta Brachytherapy offers you best-in-class clinical solutions, a worldwide presence and above all, a commitment to patient care.

Elekta Brachytherapy solutions are part of Elekta’s leading radiation therapy portfolio and encompass forty years of Nucletron® innovations. These include Esteya® electronic brachytherapy, Flexitron® afterloading, Oncentra® Brachy treatment planning, the broadest range of applicators in the industry and Real-time Prostate Solutions.

treatment delivery

Flexitron® treatment delivery

The Flexitron future-proof afterloading platform is designed to optimally support your clinic's needs and can play a vital role in treating cancer successfully.

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microSelectron® digital PDR

The predecessor of the Flexitron remote afterloading platform, the microSelectron digital PDR remote afterloading platform is a proven, reliable system for brachytherapy applications. 

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Esteya® - Revolutionizing skin cancer treatment

Esteya is a patient-friendly electronic brachytherapy solution for treating skin cancer. Esteya can be used anywhere in the clinic, has a favorable procedure time and user-friendly operation.

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treatment planning


Oncentra® Brachy treatment planning system

The radiotherapy treatment planning system Oncentra® Brachy offers the latest and most advanced tools to make the best possible brachytherapy plan.

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Real-time Prostate Solutions


Real-time brachytherapy for prostate cancer

Real-time Prostate Solutions allow a real-time workflow for HDR and LDR prostate brachytherapy, where the treatment is provided in one single session.

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Brachytherapy Applicators


Fully integrated brachytherapy applicators

With a broad portfolio of specialized applicators, Elekta offers a complete and patient-focused applicator range for more than 15 types of cancer in a variety of anatomies.

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Kobold® Applicators

Kobold® applicators are designed to improve clinical workflow in the operating room by providing a simple to use device.

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Celebrating 40 years of brachytherapy innovation

Elekta has been a pioneer in brachytherapy since 1975. Over the years, many innovations followed.


Brachy Academy

Peer-to-peer education platform for brachytherapy professionals

The BrachyAcademy comprises a complete peer-to-peer medical education library and includes programs such as clinical workshops and training visits to leading hospitals worldwide.

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