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Elekta Evo

Adapt at your rhythm

The only CT-Linac that uniquely evolves on your terms and offers everything from the everyday to the extraordinary

Do it all

Expand your capabilities to experience unlimited clinical freedom with Elekta Evo

Elekta Evo empowers you with a single comprehensive solution, giving you the freedom to treat every indication and every patient. Explore limitless potential at your own pace, engineered with precision by design.

Treat all indications

Evo offers you the ability to choose from any external beam radiotherapy technique so you can deliver the best treatments for your patients from a single machine.

Proven precision

Focus treatment precisely where it’s needed. Evo’s versatile, advanced stereotactic features include FFF beams, 6D couch precision and 1 mm resolution for superior dose sculpting and optimized SRS delivery.

At your pace

We appreciate that busy centers can have a number of resource challenges. Evo has been designed to maximise your investment, time and resources so you can adopt new technologies at a pace which works for you.

Go further

Enhance your practice and achieve state-of-the-art care

With new high-definition imaging underpinning workflow automation, and both online and offline adaptive radiotherapy at your fingertips. You can offer more highly personalized care than ever before, at a pace set by you.

Iris, state-of-the-art imaging

Discover Iris—striking high-definition, AI-enhanced imaging that underpins Evo's ability to deliver each and every radiotherapy dose to your patients with exquisite, pinpoint accuracy.

Complete online and offline adaptive toolkit

With Evo we revolutionize workflow automation. You decide when to switch between standard, offline and online adaptive modes, to seamlessly adapt your approach to the patient in front of you

Personalization for improved outcomes

Elekta Evo combines Iris, AI-enhanced imaging, with Elekta ONE Online, unlocking online and offline adaptive capabilities so you can deliver highly personalized care for your patients.

In it together

Gain access to our unified software experience and exclusive dedicated support

Elekta ONE

Elekta ONE® provides the latest innovation in oncology software as an essential part of your Evo, bringing together the best solutions to elevate user experience with uncompromised treatment quality.

Elekta ONE is comprised of multiple Elekta solutions, some of which may not yet be available in all markets.

By your side

Get started at your own pace, maximize clinical availability and amplify your success with Elekta Care by your side. Choose your level of support from our comprehensive, data-driven service offering based on your need for clinical uptime, education and training, cost control, and more.

Global Adaptive User Community

Be part of our Global network of experts on adaptive radiotherapy providing you a collaborative platform to join your peers in sharing studies and best practices.

Precision is our standard

Every patient. Every treatment. Every clinic.

Moonlight mode

Optimized to perform QA tasks and complete patient set-up. 

Treatment mode

Optimized for patient comfort.

Elekta Evo

Adapt at your rhythm

*Elekta Evo requires CE mark and is not available in all markets.
Please contact your Elekta Representative for availability.

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*Elekta Evo requires CE mark and is not available in all markets. Please contact your Elekta Representative for availability.