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MOSAIQ Under-the-Hood

During this course, participants will learn about the hardware and software components of MOSAIQ for Medical and Radiation Oncology. Training attendees will also learn basic troubleshooting skills to support MOSAIQ.
  • Identify the MOSAIQ Oncology Management modules used by your institution.
  • Describe the directory structure for the MOSAIQ Oncology Management System files.
  • Discuss network configurations and user rights across networks for MOSAIQ users.
  • Discuss data integrity with the significance of patient data daily backups and testing of those backups.
  • Define the database engine used to run the MOSAIQ Oncology Management System.
  • Initiate troubleshooting when first experiencing a problem using the MOSAIQ Oncology Management System.
2-day course at:
  • North America Elekta offices
  • Regional event (on request)
Target Group
  • IT Staff


February 19 - February 20, 2013

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Henderson, Nevada, United States

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