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Key Cancer Types

Cancer is a common illness and can present itself in one of around 200 forms, some of which are very rare but all of which are non-discriminent.

Over one in three of us will develop cancer but all of us will be affected by it in some way during our life time.

"Research suggests that around half of all cancers diagnosed in the UK could be prevented by changes to lifestyle" Cancer Research UK.

The purpose of this section is to provide information on some of the most common forms of cancer which exist in today's society.

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Key Cancer Types:


As a manufacturer of radiation therapy equipment and related solutions, we are unable to provide you with specific medical advice regarding your health conditions.

Your physicians and care givers are the most knowledgeable resources for your particular disease, and are the most qualified to answer your questions.

Nevertheless, there are a number of high-quality online resources that you may find useful. Among them, the American Cancer Society and the US National Cancer Institute have high-quality information resources that are multi-lingual and available worldwide.

Professional organizations dedicated to cancer treatment also have resources that may be useful. These include the American Society for Radiation Oncology the American Society of Clinical Oncology and the European Society for Therapeutic Radiation Oncology.

We wish you success in the resolution of your case.

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