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 Elekta CMD 2015 presentation (link to webcast)

 Year-end report May – April 2014/15 presentation (link to webcast)

 Preliminary year-end results May – April 2014/15 presentation (link to webcast)

 Q3 presentation 2014/15 (link to webcast)

 Elekta R&D update at University Medical Center Utrecht (link to webcast)  (play video clip)



 Q2 presentation 2014/2015 (link to webcast)

 Elekta ASTRO Capital Markets Day presentation 

 Q1 presentation 2014/15 

 Elekta Capital Markets Day 2014 Presentation (link to webcast)

 Year-end report May - April 2013/2014 Presentation

 Elekta ESTRO 2014 presentation

 Q3 presentation 2013/14

 Q3 preliminary results 2013/14



 Elekta Q2 presentation 2013

 Elekta ASTRO CMD Presentation 2013

 Elekta Q1 presentation 2013

 Elekta CMD 2013 Presentation (link to webcast)

 Full Year Report 2012/13 Presentation

 Elekta ESTRO 2013 Investor Presentation

 Interim Report Q3 Presentation

 Versa HD Investor Presentation

 Elekta JP Morgan 2013



 Elekta Q2 presentation 2012 - (additional information)

 Capital Markets Day Presentation

 Elekta Q1 presentation 2012 - (additional information)

 Elekta CMD June 2012 - (link to webcast)

 Elekta Q4 Presentation 2012

 Elekta Investor Presentation ESTRO 2012

 Elekta Q3 Road Show

 Elekta Q3 Presentation

 Elekta Presentation January 2012 JP Morgan San Francisco

 Elekta Presentation January 2012 SEB Enskilda Copenhagen



 CMD Emerging Markets - (link to webcast)

 Q2 Interim Report 2011/12 - (link to webcast)

 Elekta - Growth through innovation - ASTRO, October, 2011

 Investor Presentation Elekta Nucletron closing 110915

 Elekta Q1 2011/12 presentation

 Investor Presentation Elekta Nucletron, June 21

 Elekta CMD, June 9

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