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Nomination Committee

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Principles for appointing the Nomination Committee
The 2013 Annual General Meeting in September resolved that the Nomination Committee for the 2014 Annual General Meeting would be appointed through a procedure whereby the Chairman of the Board, before the end of the second quarter, would approach three to five of the largest holders of Series A and B-shares as of the last banking day of September. These shareholders would each be invited to appoint a member who, together with the Board Chairman, would comprise the Nomination Committee. 
Composition of the Nomination Committee
The composition of the Nomination Committee was announced in a press release on October 31, 2013. The Nomination Committee for the 2014 Annual General Meeting comprises:
  • Laurent Leksell, Chairman – appointed by the Leksell family, representing the family’s direct and indirect shareholdings, and as Chairman of the Board
  • Åsa Nisell – appointed by Swedbank Robur funds
  • Anders Oscarsson – appointed by AMF and AMF Funds
  • Peter Rudman – appointed by Nordea Funds
  • Erik Sjöström – appointed by Skandia
The Nomination Committee appointed Laurent Leksell as Chairman. The Nomination Committee has further resolved to co-opt Caroline Leksell Cooke without voting rights to the Nomination Committee. The assignment period is valid until a new Nomination Committee is constituted. Members of the Nomination Committee receive no remuneration.
Preparation for the 2014 Annual General Meeting
The Nomination Committee held four meetings prior to the 2014 Annual General Meeting. During the year, the Nomination Committee’s Chairman, Laurent Leksell, commenced a thorough evaluation of the Board. The Board’s work, expertise, composition and independence of its members were evaluated. A written evaluation of each Board member was conducted. The Chairman also conducted private interviews with each Board member, partly to assess the preceding year, but also to identify areas for development of the Board’s work. Other members of the Nomination Committee have conducted individual meetings with a selection of Board members.
The role of the Nomination Committee is to produce proposals for decisions by the Annual General Meeting in relation to the following:
  • Chairman of the meeting
  • Board members and Chairman of the Board
  • Board fees broken down into amounts for the Chairman of the Board and other Board members and as remuneration for committee work
  • Auditor and auditors’ fees
The Nomination Committee’s complete proposals for the 2014 Annual General Meeting and reasoned statement is published in the notice convening the 2014 Annual General Meeting.

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