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Executive Management

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Elekta’s Executive Management consists of the President and CEO, the Chief Financial Officer, the Chief Operating Officer, the managers of four product areas and the three regions – a total of ten members. The President and CEO oversees the work of the Executive Management and the Executive Management makes jointly decisions. Executive Management meetings are held one or two days each month. The meetings, with Elekta’s General Counsel acting as secretary, are often held in conjunction with visits to the Group’s various units. Details regarding remuneration of the President and CEO and Executive Management are provided in Note 5 in the annual report for 2012/13.

Executive Management

 Tomas Puusepp

Niklas Savander

Year of birth: 1962
Official title: President and CEO
Employed since: 2014
Holdings: -


Johan Sedihn

Year of birth: 1965
Official title: COO
Employed since: 1993
Holdings: 79,462 B-shares and 20,203 B-convertibles

 Håkan Bergstrom

Håkan Bergström

Year of birth: 1956
Official title: CFO
Employed since: 2001
Holdings: 140,052 B-shares and 35,013 B-convertibles

Jay Hoey 

James P. Hoey 

Year of birth: 1958
Official title: EVP Region North America
Employed since: 2005 (Founded IMPAC 1990)
Holdings: 15,417 B-shares


Gilbert Wai

Year of birth: 1953
Official title: EVP Region Asia Pacific
Employed since: 1998
Holdings: 344,000 B-shares

 Asa Hedin

Åsa Hedin

Year of birth: 1962
Official title: EVP Elekta Neuroscience
Employed since: 1994–2000 and since 2007
Holdings: 6,970 B-shares and 6,540 B-convertibles

 Johan Sedihn

Bill Yaeger

Year of birth: 1961
Official title: EVP Elekta Oncology
Employed since: 2000–2008 and since 2011
Holdings: 4,200 B-shares

 Håkan Bergstrom

John Lapré

Year of birth: 1964
Official title: EVP Elekta Brachytherapy
Employed since: 2011 (Employed at Nucletron since 2009)
Holdings: 2,500 B-shares

 Todd Powell

Todd Powell

Year of birth: 1965
Official title: EVP Elekta Software
Employed since: 2005 (Employed at IMPAC since 1992)

 Ian Alexander

Ian Alexander

Year of birth: 1958
Official title: EVP Region Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East
Employed since: 2008–2011 and since 2012
Holdings: 1,332 B-shares

* Reflects own and related natural or legal holdings in the Company per July 31, 2013.
President and CEO

The President and CEO is appointed by the Board of Directors and shall oversee the operational management of Elekta in accordance with the guidelines and directions stated in law, the articles of association and the internal operating instructions.

Operational management includes all measures that are not – considering the scope and nature of the Company’s operations – of an unusual nature, of major significance, or are explicitly defined as the responsibility of the Board of Directors.

Tomas Puusepp has served as President and CEO of Elekta since May 1, 2005. Born in 1955, he has a total of more than 30 years of management experience in international medical technology. Following studies in engineering and physics and management training at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, Tomas Puusepp held various positions at the Research Institute for Atomic Physics, Scanditronix and Ericsson before being employed by Elekta in 1988. Since then, he has held various management positions within Elekta, including head of Elekta’s neurosurgery operations, President of Elekta’s subsidiary in North America and global head of Elekta’s sales, marketing and service operations. Tomas Puusepp has no significant assignments outside Elekta. He has no shareholdings or ownership interests in companies with significant business relations with Elekta.


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