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Code of Conduct

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Elekta develops safe and efficient solutions to improve cancer care worldwide. Everything that Elekta does is aimed at improving, prolonging and saving lives, and all equipment is developed with the aim of ensuring that patients receive the best possible treatment. This endeavor is based on a core value that promotes long-term relationships, trust and responsibility. Elekta aims to conduct transparent and continuous dialog regarding responsible business with all of its stakeholders.
Code of Conduct is a cultural pillar
Elekta’s Code of Conduct is one of the Company’s most important governing documents for responsible business and supports the Company’s culture. The Code clarifies the basic principles that every Elekta employee and partner is expected to follow. Some of the areas covered are employee rights, product safety, corruption, conflicts of interest and competition.
The Code of Conduct adheres to international principles such as the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy.
The Code of Conduct is actively maintained in many ways, including being signed by all senior executives every year. It also plays a key role when integrating acquisitions.
Anti-Corruption Policy
The cornerstone of Elekta’s Anti-Corruption Policy is a zero tolerance approach to corruption. The rules cover a wide range of undue practices that could damage Elekta’s credibility in connection with various types of agreements, for example, or in relation to gifts and donations. There is a particular focus on relationships with healthcare personnel and other external parties such as suppliers, agents and distributors. 
The Anti-Corruption Policy has been translated into several languages and all employees are to take part in an e-learning course to become familiar with the policy. The policy applies to all companies and employees in the Elekta Group. It is also to be communicated and applied in all contractual relations with business partners.
Ultimate responsibility for informing employees and partners about the Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy rests with each manager. The Group’s Compliance Officer supports the implementation and monitors compliance using measures such as regular auditing. A whistle blowing procedure enables employees and the public to anonymously report any suspected impropriety. The Compliance Officer reports serious incidents directly to the President and CEO as well as the Board.
Safe products
Product safety is a top priority and permeates the entire operations. The objective is to provide the safest possible products for customers and patients, but also for the Company’s own installation and service employees. Elekta’s products are developed, manufactured, marketed, sold and serviced in accordance with quality-controlled processes and procedures. As a manufacturer of medical devices, Elekta operates in a highly regulated environment. The Company must therefore comply with the rigorous requirements of international law and product safety standards, such as the IEC/ISO Directives, the European Directive on Medical Devices, the US FDA’s Quality Systems Regulation and numerous national directives and laws.
These are described in ISO 9001 (Quality Management) and ISO 13485 (Quality Management System for Medical Devices) and in standards that are specifically applicable to medical devices. Quality management systems are reviewed by both internal and third-party auditors and certified by external regulatory bodies and authorities that conduct regular inspections.
Environmentally sustainable operations
Elekta’s vision is to be an environmentally sustainable organization that continuously strives to reduce the environmental impact of the Company’s activities and products. This process is based on Elekta’s environmental policy and includes minimizing resource consumption during manufacturing, reducing emissions to air and water and avoiding the use of environmentally hazardous materials. Elekta’s largest environmental impact arises from electricity consumption in production and from heating premises, as well as transportation and business travel.

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