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Johan Engstam

Johan Engstam, Authorized Public Accountant, PwC
Born 1966 and statutory auditor since 2012

The auditors monitor the work of the Board and the President and CEO, audit and review the accounting records and present information to the AGM and Board of Directors.

The 2014 Annual General Meeting elected the registered accounting firm PwC as the company’s audit firm until the next Annual General Meeting, with Johan Engstam as Auditor in Charge. PwC has been the auditor of Elekta since the 2012 Annual General Meeting.
Auditor in Charge
Johan Engstam was born in 1966 and is an Authorized Public Accountant. He has no assignments in any other companies that affect his independence as the auditor of Elekta.
Role and assignments
PwC examines the company’s Annual Report and accounts, the administration of the Board and the President and CEO, and the consolidated financial statements, which are part of PwC’s standard assignment as auditor. In addition, Elekta engages PwC for certain audit-related assignments. PwC has been engaged as tax adviser for several years, but Elekta is in the process of phasing out this partnership to minimize the risk of a situation whereby the auditor’s independence could be called into question. 
Refer to Elekta’s Corporate Governance Report for more information about the auditors’ work during 2013/14.
Read more about the auditors’ fees in Note 8 of the most recent Annual Report.

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