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Corporate Governance

Elekta AB is a Swedish public limited liability company that operates under Swedish law. Elekta is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm. Corporate Governance of Elekta is based on Swedish legislation, primarily the Swedish Companies Act, the Rule Book for Issuers of the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm and other relevant rules and guidelines. Elekta’s internal Code of Conduct, as well as its mission, vision and values, form cornerstones for the internal corporate governance regulations.

The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code) is part of the rules of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm to which Elekta has committed to adhere. Elekta has applied the Code since 2005. As of February 1, 2010, a revised Code applies.

Elekta has implemented and follows the Code with the following comment/explanation: Elekta’s Board of Directors has been informed that Elekta’s Nomination Committee decided to appoint Laurent Leksell, who is a Board member, as Chairman of the Nomination Committee. This decision by the Nomination Committee was motivated by the fact that Laurent Leksell is a major shareholder and well suited to effectively lead the work of the Committee in order to achieve the best result for the Company’s

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