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Right Patient, Right Location, Right Setup

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As radiotherapy treatment becomes more complex, identifying the right setup for each patient’s treatment in a busy clinic can be challenging. It needs to be done quickly and accurately to ensure the right patient is in the right location and correctly set-up for treatment.

From the moment the patient enters the CT room or treatment room Identify provides independent verification, by using Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Identify supports the identification of the patient and their accessories as well as  guide and show positional placement of the accessory.

Dr. Pachoud, Hôpital Riviera,
Vevey, Switzerland

“Our main reason for purchasing Identify was enhancing patient security as an error-prevention measure as our volume increased. The system checks the patient’s identity from an RFID card and everything that is on the couchtop for the patient’s treatment.”

“A key advantage of Identify is removing a burden from technicians, so they can concentrate on the patient’s treatment. The technicians are definitely less stressed now. If you decrease technician stress, I think that improves patient safety. The technicians love Identify and they are much more confident in their patient care responsibilities.”

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