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Particle Therapy Solutions

Elekta particle therapy solutions offer comprehensive workflow and treatment systems to maximize your investment and support excellence in patient care.

Oncology Information System (OIS)

MOSAIQ® delivers quality software solutions that are specifically designed to meet the continually evolving needs of oncology departments. MOSAIQ for particle therapy – now in clinical use. This is the core image-enabled chart of the particle therapy clinic.

Data Visualization and Analysis

ANALYTIQ™ is a data visualization and analysis tool, which creates an interactive, graphical environment to explore, segment, and analyze large volumes of data. Direct data visualization enables quick discovery of trends, anomalies and relations, and immediate exploration of their root causes.

Respiratory Motion Management

Active Breathing Coordinator™ is a simple, vendor-independent solution for pausing a patient’s breath at inhalation for a short period, during radiation delivery.This innovation has helped clinicians dramatically reduce margins for tumors impacted by respiratory motion.

Treatment Planning Software

Our solutions, including XiO® and Monaco®, cover the spectrum of radiation therapy, radiosurgery and particle therapy techniques. Elekta provides comprehensive tools to make planning easier, simpler and clinically reliable.

Patient Positioning and Immobilization

Precise patient positioning and immobilization are critical in particle therapy, from planning to treatment. BodyFIX® and HeadFIX®, non-invasive immobilization and positioning systems, provide accurate and reproducible patient positioning for particle therapy.

Consultancy Services

STRATEGIQ™ services are designed to help facilities adapt rapidly to change and sustain value in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and follow-up of cancer patients.


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