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Intuity - Redefining image guidance

Elekta was the first to develop low dose, high quality imaging with its XVI solution. The ability to image at the time of treatment has allowed visualization of the tumor and critical structures before the dose is delivered.

The key to excellence in IGRT, however, is to understand the changes in the positional relationships of both tumor and healthy tissues during the course of a patient’s treatment, a challenge that requires more than advanced imaging. Intuity can provide this clinical advantage and much more.

Intuity builds on Elekta XVI imaging technology, to move from 3D soft tissue imaging to true treatment guidance. Intuity offers users the unique ability to use advanced registration tools to move IGRT technology toward greater excellence and confidence in patient care.

  • Registers the planned position of both the target and organs at risk
  • Ensures accuracy of dose placement without compromising the protection of critical structures
  • Developed in collaboration with leading global centers of oncology excellence
  • Integrates easily into existing clinical workflows
  • Brings registration tools that are simple and flexible in daily use


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