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Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)

Enabling improved dose conformance and reduction of healthy tissue irradiation, Elekta’s IGRT solutions complement the portfolio of therapy techniques available on Elekta linear accelerators.


2D and 3D kV imaging enables 2D and 3D volume imaging to allow soft tissue detail to be seen in any area of the body immediately prior to treatment.


Helps locate targets that move on a high frequency basis, critical with the use of small treatment fields or in PreciseBEAM® IMRT. Like fluoroscopy, MotionView allows evaluation of patient motion while the patient is in the treatment position


VolumeView provides low dose volumetric 3D data sets with submillimeter isotropic resolution, acquired with the patient in the treatment position.


Elekta Synergy PlanarView provides similar functionality to existing orthogonal MV portal images for initial patient set-up.


Unique 4D kV imaging provides 4D volume imaging of moving tumor immediately prior to treatment. This allows moving targets to be treated aggressively without compromising the safety of adjacent critical structures.


Advanced registration tools to protect organs at risk following patient position corrections ensuring accurate dose placement.

Clarity® Soft Tissue Visualization

Groundbreaking non-invasive, non-ionizing image guidance technology to enable exquisite visualization of soft tissue targets, provides promising platform for next generation motion management.


2D MV imaging obtains a real-time, snapshot image while dose is being delivered.


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