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Intelligent beam shaping that is truly multifunctional

Intelligent beam shaping that is truly multifunctional Agility is the next generation, high-resolution beam shaping solution from Elekta. Built on a strong understanding of the factors that are critical to patient plan optimization and treatment delivery, Agility is designed to meet the needs of modern radiotherapy facilities.

Integrated digital control of leaves and leaf guides, combined with unique Rubicon optical leaf positioning, results in an accurate and reliable beam shaping solution. Coupled with extremely low leaf transmission of less than 0.5%, Agility enhances treatment delivery while reducing integral dose.

Offering high resolution beam shaping, seamless field delivery coupled with rapid leaf-speeds allows higher dose rates to be used for more effective modulation. All this combined with the market leading 45cm isocentric clearance ensures that your linac is truly multi-functional.

  • Up to 40 x 40cm field size
  • 160 interdigitating leaves with 5mm width at isocenter
  • Integrated digital control of leaves and dynamic leaf guides
  • Accurate leaf positioning with Rubicon optical technology
  • Rapid leaf speed
  • Extremely low leaf transmission (<0.5%)
  • 45cm isocentric clearance



Agility Documents & Downloads

Agility™ brochure 'Intelligent beam shaping'

Agility™ Reference Guide


Not available for sale or distribution in all markets. Please contact your local Elekta representative for details.


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